Information on discount codes

What exactly is a discount code and what is it used for? Discount codes, coupon code, promotional code, bonus code or coupon – the name may change but it's really the same thing in

basically. You as a customer get a discount when you buy a product or service. You get a discount on the item, shipping or other benefit when shopping. The trend is still growing here in Sweden, but abroad, coupons both in ordinary life and online have been big for many years.

Where to get the discount codes?

In almost all online stores and webshops you can get some kind of discount today. This with using a coupon code or discount code. The trick, however, is where you can find them. We have a large number here on our own website and you can also find these on other sites around the web such as at Gratisrabattkod.see. As you have already noticed, we have collected a large number of discounts here on our site and in These include all sorts of discounts from a wide variety of companies around the Internet. Some of our most popular discount codes are from the following stores: CDON Nelly Expedia Adlibris Bokus Bonprix Apotea

Why do online stores give out discount codes?

A discount code is issued by a company to entice you to shop in their online store. So simple it is. They want you to buy goods and services in their online store instead of at their offline store competitors. Nothing strange about it. Just the same with the coupons you get in regular stores such as at City Gross or other stores. They want you to buy their products in their stores. You should definitely use this as a customer to get your goods and services at as low a price as possible possible. Everything is obvious really. Or how? Discount codes are there to be used and you find these with us here and with other sites around the web.

What types of discounts are available?

Discount codes that give customers free shipping Discount code that gives you a discount on the entire amount you spend Discount code that gives you a discount on certain parts of what you buy Discount code that gives a certain percentage on what you buy, for example 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% or 50% off the price. A discount code that gives you, for example, a $50 discount if you spend $500:-

Can you as a customer combine discounts?

A discount code usually applies to a specific purchase. You can usually NOT combine a discount code with another discount or get a deduction by other means on that specific purchase when shopping with the a discount code. Sometimes there is a chance that you can get a discount code when buying already discounted products goods and services, but it is up to each online store to decide how this works.

Is there a difference between discount codes and cashback?

There is a difference between discounts, discount codes, promotions and offers many times and If you compare with cashback, for example, there is a significant difference. When you use a If you use a discount code, you'll get a discount on a specific purchase right away and you'll know exactly what it will cost cost. Cashback is when you get money back after purchasing your goods or services. You almost always have to choose between a discount code or cashback when shopping online.

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