Five of the biggest gambling winnings ever

Discount codes can be a must when trying to save money, but we’ve all dreamed of being in a situation where we don’t have to worry about every penny, or have to empty the piggy bank when we want to treat ourselves? Many of us probably sneak a penny on the lottery or other games from time to time with dreams of a big win. Almost always, however, the dream remains a dream, but for a lucky few, the improbable has actually become a reality!. These people have won extreme gambling prizes that have turned them into multi-millionaires (and in some cases, even billionaires) overnight.

Below we list five unimaginably large gambling winnings around the world:

Sweden’s biggest gambling win

Sometimes it’s hard to stay away from lotteries, odds and online casinos. Your fingers get itchy, you start dreaming and you can’t help but visit them to hopefully play a few dollars. For some it actually works sometimes, for others it works better than they ever imagined.

The Swedish record for a lotto win was last broken in spring 2019. The previous record from 2018 was just over a quarter of a billion kronor, but the win the following year would completely outclass the previous record. Sweden’s biggest gambling win now amounts to a whopping SEK 562 million.

The Eurojackpot line that delivered the big win to Sweden looked like this: 1, 2, 11, 19 and 47, followed by the bonus numbers 2 and 7.

Europe’s biggest gambling win

The biggest gambling winnings in Europe are found in Italy. In the summer of 2019, one lucky winner managed to take home a far from modest £193 million on the Italian lottery Superenalotto. At today’s exchange rates, the amount is equivalent to about 2.25 billion Swedish kronor.

The six magic numbers that resulted in the win were: 7, 32, 41, 59, 75 and 76.

The world’s three biggest gambling winnings

The three largest gambling winnings ever awarded are, of course, in the land of extremes, the United States. The third biggest win ever is a Powerball win in from March, 2019. A winner in Wisconsin managed to win almost 770 million dollars.

The world’s biggest-ever single-winner prize found its way to Simpsonville, South Carolina in the fall of 2018. There, life changed dramatically for one lucky winner who won over $1.5 billion (over £14 billion) on Mega Millions. However, the winner, who has remained anonymous, chose to receive a lump sum of 880 million dollars instead of being paid out in segments.

The biggest win of all time is from January 2016 when the Powerball jackpot of 1.6 billion dollars was awarded. Three lucky winners shared the enormous prize money, which amounted to almost five billion euros per person.

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