Recommended Decorations for Home Stairs


Stairs are the main element that really helps us to move from one level to another, because it is not just a decorative element. Even so, the stairs still deserve to have decorations so that they can also stand out from an aesthetic and visual perspective.

Here are four ways to enhance the appearance of your staircase and make it an attractive design element in your home.

#1 Install Tiles on the Stair Riser as Decoration

The presence of tiles on an exterior staircase is common, especially if the staircase is in a Spanish-style house. However, what if this tile is installed in the staircase area in your house?
This tiled staircase is a design from Pental Granite & Marble.

This staircase design combines traditional solid wood stair treads with the riser section decorated with Clayhaus ceramics in matte white. The riser itself is the vertical part of the stairs. There are various styles of tiles that you can choose from to decorate your stair riser.

#2 Painting Decoration on the Stair Riser

When you climb the stairs from the lower floor, your vantage point only offers you a view of the riser, not the tread. Best arcades although depending on the width of your ladder, you can see the vertical surface of your ladder that is 3 feet wide and 8 feet high.

This one house has a riser that is painted in alternating blue-orange colors, and has a white stencil pattern. This decoration is the work of Kristan Cunningham, a designer and design expert who has appeared on HGTV’s “Design on a Dime” and “Designer’s Challenge” on the Rachel Ray Show.

A busy-looking color scheme like this might not suit everyone. However, painting the stairs in a solid color can complement the color of the walls and have the opportunity to make your home look creative.

#3 Install Stair Tread and Riser Covers

You don’t need to replace all of your stair treads and risers. You can add d├ęcor to your stairs by involving stair covers all over your steps. Once the stair cover is installed, your stair tread and riser will look like the original without the cover.

Staircase linings like this StareCasing Kit feature solid wood to cover your stair treads and risers. You just need to cut it according to the size of the stairs and attach this piece of decoration to the stairs using nails. There is also a stair upholstery made of engineered wood.

However, you need to pay attention that this stair cover can make your steps higher. You can feel this when you set foot on the first and last steps.

#4 Install Sisal Carpet Decoration on Stair Treads

You can do a stair decoration in the form of a carpet to cover the stairs.

However, covering the entire staircase with a carpet can result in an unattractive appearance. You can outsmart it by presenting a sisal rug on the surface of the stair tread.

Apart from looking visually appealing, the presence of sisal carpet on the stair treads can also muffle sound. In addition, it can protect your ladder from wear.

Those are the four easy ways you can do to apply decorations to the stairs of your house. There are more ways for you to decorate your stairs. You just need to mix your creativity and taste in order to create a unique and interesting staircase decoration.