How to Choose an Industrial Air Cleaner


An Industrial Air Cleaner is a powerful air purifier that removes harmful pollutants from the air. It is ideal for manufacturing and processing facilities and can help protect employees from allergens and other health hazards. The cleaning process includes removing dust, tobacco smoke, oil mist, and other contaminants.

To ensure that your industrial air cleaner is working properly, it is important to regularly inspect it. Industrial Air Cleaner This can prevent leaks and prevent other degradation. You can get instructions on how to do this from the manufacturer.

When purchasing an industrial air cleaner, you should consider the size of the machine. A small unit may be able to fit into a small room, while a larger one may require additional floor space. If your space is limited, you can consider a model with a remote control. These make it easier to operate the air cleaner when it is in an awkward location.

Another important consideration is the filtration system. Different types of air cleaners have different strengths. For example, a high-efficiency filter (HEPA) can capture a variety of particles, including fine dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, auto emissions, and dust mites. Some models also have an electrostatic filter to remove particles from smoke.

A number of industrial air cleaners feature a two-stage filtration system. This helps to reduce the amount of dust by as much as 90 percent.

Some types of air cleaners also include a timer. With this function, you can choose to change the filter after 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours. They will come with two battery-operated key fobs for added convenience.

The MARK-25 Industrial Air Cleaner is a robust unit designed to collect and remove smoke. It has a filtration system that is equipped with a 12-inch HEPA filter that is designed to remove dust, oil, and tobacco smoke. It also includes a number of other components that improve the operation of the device. One of these is a 1/2-inch polyester pre-filter that extends the life of the HEPA filter.

Many industrial buildings contain a large amount of dust and smoke. These pollutants have been linked to cardiovascular disease, cancer, and allergy. Cleaning this indoor air can be very beneficial to the workers. Choosing an industrial air cleaner that has a reliable filtration system is crucial to protecting your employees’ health.

Baileigh Industrial air filtration systems are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. These units are designed to be operated from anywhere in the shop, and can be set to run on a schedule. Their three-speed design allows for easy adjustment of the air flow, and a filter recognition system allows for quick replacement of filters.

If you are unsure about how to select the right type of air cleaner, consult with your Air Quality Engineering, Inc. technician. They can help you determine how much cubic feet of air you need to clean. Using a sizing calculator is also helpful.

Whether you need to remove dust, odor, or smoke, an Industrial Air Cleaner is the best choice for your facility.