End Mill Sharpener


An end mill sharpener is a device that resharpens the primary and secondary cutting edges of a end mill. The end mill sharpener has a simple operation that can sharpen any length end mill. It also provides fast and precise grinding.

The device includes an air bearing spindle and a compound thread mechanism on the motor. Dill grinder This allows the grinding wheel to be moved away from the end mill. Also included is a base that provides sliding motion. Additionally, the device incorporates a guard that covers most of the face of the grinding wheel.

The device can sharpen end mills with diameters of 1-3/4″, and a maximum of 52mm in flute length. It includes six ER-20 collets that can be used to resharpen two, three, four, and six-flute end mills. Each of the collets has a maximum diameter of 3/16″ to 9/16″.

One of the major advantages of the G0921 End Mill Sharpener is that it is very easy to operate. There are no special skills needed. In addition, the machine comes with a user guide that has everything you need to know about the equipment.

The end mill resharpening device has a cam follower that moves the motor and grinding wheel to the right. This action allows the stylus fixture to adjust to the size of the tool. In addition, it enables the stylus to be set for both the primary and secondary angles. If you want to grind different diameters of end mills, you can set up the stylus fixture manually.

A cross feed knob is located at the outer corner of the grinding wheel. After advancing the grinding wheel 12 to the center of the end mill, the cross feed knob backs the grinding wheel away from the stylus. Another knob is located at the outer edge of the flute.

The cam follower and the hand knob allow for quick and easy movement of the motor and the grinding wheel. In addition, the compound thread mechanism provided on the motor permits the grinding wheel to be moved away from the spinning end mill.

A pointed stylus is mounted adjacent the grinding wheel. This pointed stylus is positioned to engage the flute of the end mill. When the stylus is pushed into the flute of the end mill, it provides slide action.

In addition, the end mill resharpening device features a novel method of making an air bearing. The spindle is designed with a lower block that is angled at a slight angle to the arbor longitudinal axis.

To use the sharpener, you must first position the spindle in the lowest position possible. Once this has been done, you must insert the end mill into the grinding seat. Next, you must loosen the size adjusting hand nut and slide the stylus over the outer edge of the end mill. You should then be able to move the grinding wheel and the spindle in a Y or X direction.