A dream

A dream is a person’s wish. Surely this desire is a good desire, it is impossible if someone wants bad things or things that are not good in his life, because this desire is a human hope to be better. In a better sense, that is better in economy, education, culture and so on.

Canninghill piers sold units dream is something that is often experienced by humans because humans do not only live without direction or live without a purpose, but humans must also have principles or goals in life. Because it is very important in our lives because if we live without a purpose then we will only do something that will not reach the meeting point.

Likewise, the dreams of the people in my village are in achieving security, prosperity, justice and prosperity. Because their dreams are still hindered by various things or one of the residents themselves destroys the dream, so that the so-called security there are still various obstacles to reach a village that is always safe. So if we want to achieve this desire, we must also need cooperation between citizens.

So that in order to achieve a truly safe welfare and security, cooperation between citizens is needed for the achievement of a desire. In a good wish it is necessary to realize it, but in a bad or unfavorable desire, stay away from that desire, do not until we even do things or desires that are not good. Even stay away from something or desire that is not good.

And we should not allow the people around us to do something that is not good, which if it can damage everything in order to achieve a village that is safe, peaceful, peaceful and prosperous and so on. Because it is a life that all citizens want to feel. Indeed, all intentions or dreams, hopes, etc. within one person to another are not the same, but are of various kinds or vary. But most importantly for the sake of a good community life for sure. All citizens will and really want that.

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Sweet atmosphere

Hearing the word “mellow” reminds me of the strains of a song that I often hear every day. The strains of the song are not only in music that has been circulating among the public, but a song that is original and pure coming out of his body or voice. It’s not so hard to guess because every day he is always at my house, because he is part of the ownership of my parents, especially my father.

The quiet atmosphere will become lively because his voice is my father’s chicken. The chickens are always well cared for. With the sound it can enliven the quiet atmosphere. Her voice is very melodious. The chicken is very useful. One of them by hearing his voice will make us more enthusiastic to work, but it is only for certain people who like to raise chickens or like the habits of chickens that make him even more impressed.

Especially in my family environment or where I live, because every day there is always a very melodious sound of chickens and often these chickens can also wake sleepers, so that they can help wake people who are sleeping and make them not oversleep. With his voice can also indicate that it is morning. Thus there are many benefits that we get by raising chickens.

Lonely and boring atmospheres can become lively and very melodious with the sound of the crowing of the rooster. If we often hear a melodious atmosphere, it can also relieve someone’s stress, thus a melodious atmosphere is a very beautiful atmosphere, there are various soothing sounds. For example, not only the sound of a rooster crowing, but also the sound of the Koran
In my village also often hold a recitation event, and so on.

Listening to the chanting of the holy verses of the Koran read in the recitation can make the hearts of the residents calm and the atmosphere becomes beautiful and melodious with the chanting of the verses of the Koran. So that there are also many benefits or benefits that we can take from the recitation program. That melodious atmosphere is what all the people in my village want