5 Best Skirts for All Body Shapes

Every woman can have a different body shape from each other, and this sometimes makes it difficult for women to choose the right clothes, whether it’s tops or bottoms such as skirts.

You can’t be called a woman if you don’t have a single skirt in your closet. Skirts can give a feminine impression on women as well as give the impression of grace, calm and beauty. But sometimes choosing and buying a skirt is also quite difficult because every woman has a different body shape. If you don’t choose a skirt, your body shape will look ugly. Well you know, how to deal with it? Try adjusting your body shape with the following skirt.

1. A-line Pleated Skirt

If you have a pear body or large hips and thighs while your upper body is slender, then a pleated skirt with a fall material and an A-line is perfect and can disguise your body shape.

2. Mini Skirt

If you have an apple body, or are big in the midsection (stomach) while having small shoulders and legs, then this white label clothing can be a distraction for your big body. Because mini skirts highlight your long and small legs so people will focus more on your beautiful lower body.

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3. Skirts

If you have a sexy hourglass body, you can wear all types and styles of skirts. But short skirts will make your body more shaped and sexy. But if you’re not very confident, don’t force it.

4. Simple Mini Skirt

If you have a short and small body, avoid wearing long skirts that fall to the floor, this will make you look shorter. You can wear mini skirts to give the illusion of a taller body.

5. Long Skirt

Long skirt is suitable for you who are tall. You look slim and well proportioned. But if you want to look even taller, then you can wear a mini skirt to highlight your long legs.

So, from now on, adjust the skirt that you are going to buy with your body shape, because actually there are skirts that give the illusion that your body shape is proportional and beautiful. Hopefully the tips are useful.

4 Signs You Should Change Your Bra Now

How many times do you usually buy a new bra and replace the old one? Many women don’t know when is the right time to change their bra and buy a new one. As with clothes or shoes, underwear also needs to be replaced. These are signs that your bra needs to be replaced immediately.

Too small

Sometimes you don’t want to try on a bra before buying, but it ends up being too small in the chest or cup circumference. If it’s like this, don’t use it from the start. Just give it to your sister or friend with that size.

Bra wire sticking out

If the bra wire is sticking out, the shape of the bra usually changes too. Instead of keeping it, replace it with a new one, especially if the wire actually hurts the skin.

Changing cup bar shape

The frequent washing and wringing of the bra, there is a possibility that the shape of the bra sponge changes and is no longer the same as when you bought it. There are times when a bra cup sponge gets tucked or damaged inside, making your chest look weird. Don’t use it again.

Bra rubber is loose

This is what often happens with old bras, chest straps or bra straps on the shoulders are stretched and can no longer lift the chest. If you keep wearing it, it can make your chest shape slack. Bra like this is no longer worth wearing.

So, now you know when it’s time to change to a new bra? Take another look at your bras in the closet, which ones need to be replaced immediately.

Don’t buy it, lace panties are not healthy for Miss V

There are many designs of underwear sold in stores and you can choose according to your needs. If you want something sexy and hot, there are panties called thongs which are just like straps and usually only cover half of the buttocks. There are also panties made of thin and see-through fabrics, many of which are decorated with lace and laces here and there.

But you certainly know that pants like this shouldn’t be worn everyday? Sometimes even though the design is attractive, it does not mean it is good for the health of the intimate organs, you know. Thin and light lace panties are good in terms of ventilation, miss V can breathe well so it doesn’t get damp.

Unfortunately, often the materials of thong panties are thin and do not cover some parts can actually cause irritation. Rough lace can rub against the skin and cause redness, and if injured bacteria can enter and infect.

Health experts recommend that you use cotton underwear or fabrics that are easy to absorb and not rough on the skin because the skin of the female area is quite sensitive and can be easily injured. The cotton material is softer, comfortable to wear and absorbs sweat. Although sometimes moist, but cotton is safer and does not risk injuring.

Plus, this area is humid and is likely to be a place for bacteria to grow, if you are not selective in choosing underwear, it is possible that you will experience infections that endanger the health of your intimate organs.

Also make sure you choose underwear that isn’t too tight or sore in the groin and doesn’t leave rubber marks on the waist. Even though underwear has many cute, sexy and hot designs, not all of them are good for everyday wear. Choose safer and healthier underwear for miss V, ladies.